Watch Over the Children

it is very important to remember that you are using a tool to spy on your child’s Internet use. Is it different from sitting at the park watching your child play? Is it different from trusting teachers to protect your child at school? The important thing is to help the child feels safe and they will always feel safe with loving parents who are guides for them in the journey from childhood to adulthood. Always give yourself some time to think about what you find out when watching over your child on the Internet. For example, if your teenage boy is looking for images of the latest female pop star and comes across things which you consider unsavoury. Approach the subject away from computers away from any inclination that you’re watching them but perhaps in some quiet time you can discuss with the boy how girls should be respected and that often on the Internet the impression of girls is not really how the world works.

If you are just to rush in his room and create a scene over what he was looking at on the Internet, you would immediately make him aware that your spying on him and break the parent child bond of trust. Instead you must always take on board the information you find out process in your mind perhaps discuss with your partner the grandparents and then put a plan together to deal with any situation.
If you wanted to talk online with our support team our services are here to help you.

Childhood is getting more and more challenging and as parents we are there as guides to help our children become balanced and ready for this very modern world.

Active track is free for up to 3 computers you are limited in the online storage available which will mean you may have two clean out the storage weekly. If the computer users are high users of the computer systems, then you may have two clean out the storage even daily. If you want more storage or need the software on more computers, then you can pay for larger packages.

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