Watch Over the Children

“You love your child, protect the child using ActivTrak”
“Using ActivTrak you are on the Internet Together”

Watch Over the Children

“It is not just the Pedophiles out there, there is the bullying issues as well!”
“ActivTrak gives you peace of mind.”

Why we are different

We are here to help parents guide their children while they use the Internet. The dangers online are real but you can protect your child and ensure they can use the Internet to achieve their life goals. We provide you with a fantastic tool that lets you monitor everything they do on their computer. With the information you can protect them.

Why use us and how we help

Using ActivTrak you are riding shotgun with your child as they journey across the net discovering just how fantastic our world is. Whether they are just talking to their friends from down the road or communicating with the child from a partnered school on the other side of the planet. The Internet means we all live on One World now.

How to get help for the child to deal with the issues

It is very important to remember that you are using a tool to spy on your child’s Internet use. Is it different from sitting at the park watching your child play? Is it different from trusting teachers to protect your child at school? The important thing is to help the child feels safe and they will always feel safe with loving parents who are guides for them in the journey from childhood to adulthood.  Read More…

Watch Over the Children

“You love your child, protect the child using ActivTrak”
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